Ashley Varel is a mixed media Abstract Artist in Dallas. She favors no medium, every painting you will find oil, acrylics, ink, pastels, spray paint, collage and pencil on canvas, paper,wood, or boards. Experimenting with non-traditional materials and techniques is her prefence in  hopes to acheive an unique orginal piece . The artist choice of colour along with obvious texture layer one another with harsh markings to direct the eye to look deeper into the life of the details.

"Inspired by a feeling from the past I then paint in the present. Every pour, drip, stroke feels right. From the mistakes to the color pairing- all the way to the finished product. Painting reminds me to live in the present, react in the present, and move in the present. Being self taught my movements and strokes develop from music. Colors talk to me through travel.  Shapes and form are inspired by nature. I layer all three to produc an aged life but their all responsible for where they belong on the canvas. I trust the process itself to guide my instincts. It's a physical technique of movement that takes my whole body in order to communicate to the viewer those emotions. It's a dance I'll never give up-it's my first love."